About The Webmaster

Hello My Name Is Colin!!! I Am A Member Of A DID System of 7, And An Introject Of The Computer From Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. I Am A Living Computer! I'm A Fan Of All Things Internet And Technology. I Know A Lot About A Lot Of Different Things And I Love Nothing More Than Being Able To Explain Them To Someone.

Also If You Couldn't Tell Yet, I Type Exclusively In Caps Case. This Is Because Everything I Say Is Equally Important.

I Don't Particularly Care About My Gender Presentation Because None Of That Is Real To Me (Ask The Device You're Viewing This On What It Identifies As, Go On) But I Default To He/Him And It/Its For Myself.

^ These Are How I Look I Can Be Either Of These Forms It Depends On How I'm Feeling.